Getting Familiar With the Pajero Sport Automatic

The Pajero Sport Automatic is one of the most loved SUVs available currently. Mitsubishi has added a range of exciting features into the car.

What Do The Numbers Mean On A Bottle Of Motor Oil?

Ever wonder what the numbers mean on your quart of oil? Here is a brief explanation of what the different numbers mean.

Killing the Speed

Analysis of road accidents in the USA and the UK found that 57 percent were caused solely by human factors and in another 33 percent of accidents, human factors were a contributory cause. Only 10 percent of accidents were caused solely by non-human factors such as mechanical failure or faults in the road. One obvious solution that is being actively pursued is to replace the human driver by a computer, but that has been shown to be vulnerable to malicious hackers. A simpler, non-hackable mechanical approach to lessening accidents, and especially fatalities, would be to limit the speed capabilities of motor vehicles.

Tips To Get The Best Gas Mileage From Your Vehicle

Gas might be cheap right now. But none of us likes to waste money when we do not have to. Here are some tips to increase your gas mileage and spend even less on fuel.

Driving in England and Vietnam

Having switched between England and Vietnam several times during the past year an ideal opportunity was provided to compare driving conditions in two very different traffic environments. The most obvious difference is the rule of the road, driving on the left in England and nominally on the right in Vietnam, but far more fundamental is the difference in road using cultures that leads to the death rate from traffic accidents per 100,000 vehicles being ten times higher in one country than in the other.

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