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Mobile Car Washing – Marketing Flyer Humor Pays Dividends!

As a mobile car wash operator, I always realized it was important to develop a personal relationship with my customers. This meant when I went into the office buildings to take the orders I had to be the king of the one-liners. I had to put people at ease make them feel good, and approach them on a personal level. A little humor always helped. In fact over time, I had collected and amassed a rather large array of comedy skits to make people laugh as I collected their car keys and their money.

Oil Changing Service Sector – To Change or Not To, This Is The Question

Many in the oil change industry want us all to believe that we must change the oil in our cars every 3,000 miles, but that isn’t exactly the reality. Such a blanket statement makes no sense at all. First, that would be in more extreme circumstances for most cars. Further, all cars are not created equally, obviously, nor do they have the same types of engines, same demands, same RPMs, operate at the same temperature, have the same performance, or live in the same climate.

Best Follow-Up Methods for Automotive Sales Leads

This article talks about the best follow-up methods for automotive sales leads. Having a definite plan in place, focusing on all sales opportunities, and building trust are some of the things to consider.

Auto Lead Generation – How Dealers Are Benefited?

The benefits of auto lead generation services cannot be belittled. Customized services, delivery of verified leads, excellent customer service, and meeting sales targets are a few to mention.

What’s With All the Color Coded Symbols In Human Society These Days?

Not long ago, I was speaking with an acquaintance on the other side of said planet about how we in modern societies are conditioned to give obedience to color-coded signs, signals, and directions, almost to the point of allowing these external symbols to control our own biorhythms – our heart rates, pulse, nerve firings and even our emotions. Think about that for second, it’s true isn’t it? Now then, my acquaintance is way far away in Australia and I am in California, but our experiences with this are nearly identical – as is the case in most of the world.

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