THESE make our car audio wiring cleaner?! #shorts

Tips to Keep Your Car and Your Body Healthy

The cars of today are made with a lot more creature features and computer parts than ever before. And like any mechanical device, those parts are expensive. Trust me when the wife of a mechanic says that a little maintenance will go a long way to avoid those ungodly car bills. Check out the list below of simple things you can do to avoid the stress of your car breaking down and the most inopportune times.

Golf Carts Changed The Game

In its early beginnings the golf cart was slow to catch on with the general public. It wasn’t until several manufacturers got involved and they were approved for professional play that their use began to skyrocket.

The Advantages of Direct Fit LED License Plate Light Replacements

For any popular product or application, there will usually be a huge list of the same type of products to choose from; one example would be when you are shopping for LED license plate lights. There is a plethora of products to choose from when shopping for these lights, but they can be quickly categorized into an LED bulb replacement, LED panel replacement, and direct fit LED replacement assembly. While one may have a benefit over another, it is generally accepted that direct fit replacement LED assemblies are the way to go and this article will explain why.

The History Of Step Vans

The word “van” derives from the term caravan, which is defined as a large, covered vehicle intended to carry many people over a long distance. A step van is larger than most passenger vans, and are called “step vans” due to the fact that the operator can easily step into or out of the van to make deliveries or meet with customers. Step vans have a boxier shape and higher roof than other types of vans, and they rarely carry any passengers. Today, most step vans are used for commercial purposes in a wide variety of industries. Below is some information about the history of step vans in North America.

Welcome Spring: Cool Cars To Rent This Spring

Like it or not, spring fever comes with loads of glitz and glam – from fashion shows to spring festivals… right down to picnics on wine farms and… on the West Coast National Parks. And, to help you match what you drive with the spring’s glitz, we have decided to compile a list of rental cars to make a statement with – this spring. You know what they say: “the car you drive, says a lot about you”.

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