Thar 2022 spare wheel cap

2013 Volkswagen Golf to Compete for World Car of the Year

If you are a car lover, you probably love to look at the many “car of the year” and “best of” lists so that you can get an idea of the cars that are being recognized for their design, technology, safety and performance. Because car lovers love lists, most auto shows, auto organizations and auto publications will have a “best of” awards list. And the point is? Because to see your product on a list that is receiving an accolade is fun and exciting, especially if your product is on the more prestigious list of awards.

50 Years of the Formula Vee

Aside from the 75th anniversary of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament taking place in a few weeks, there are also a number of other notable anniversaries also taking place very soon. Moving on the automotive world, you might remember celebrating Chevrolet’s 100 anniversary in 2011. However, there is another noteworthy car celebrating an anniversary, and that is the Volkswagen Formula Vee, whose motorsport series took over the racing world in 1963. Yes, 50 years ago the VW Formula Vee made racing both accessible for the masses as well as affordable. VW did this by using chassis from other VW models like the Beetle, then putting them together to make racecars that strangely enough could not even get up to 40 hp.

How Do You Stay Focussed While Driving a Car?

It’s so easy to lose focus on everyday tasks like driving. Our own minds are a big part of the problem. Here are a few strategies to help stay alert, stay interested and stay focussed.

BMW Angel Eyes: Customizing Your Car For Style And Safety!

BMW angel eyes were first introduced by the firm as a pair of unique headlights for the specialized E39 5 series in the year 2001. With the tail light and the headlight section redesigned for the BMW new series, these BMW angel eyes serve as the best medium of uplifting the complete look of your sexy BMW.

Choosing A Car Dealership: Vital Step Before A Vehicle Purchase

Like other dealers in other industries, car dealership businesses face similar concerns and challenges. A successful car dealership is premised on the ability to overcome some of the negative attributes other dealers come to acquire in the course of business. It also involves a deliberate effort to prioritize the needs of the customers.

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