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Is Sneezing a Severe Danger When It Comes to Road Safety?

A Massachusetts woman who crashed her car into the rear of a parked up police vehicle has exclaimed that the calamitous collision was the result of none other than an uncontrollable sneezing fit. The local police released a statement saying that the police car had pulled over to aid another driver who had been the victim of a burst tire. The woman then appeared to have crashed straight into the back of the police car whilst it sat waiting along the highway.

Straighter Driving Means Safer Driving

When considering all of the routine vehicle maintenance service, wheel alignment has yet to make the cut. But as evidence shows, wheel alignment is a cost-saving service which will also improve the safety of your vehicle on the road. Monitoring the pull or alignment of your tires is essential in optimal driving performance. Be sure to add wheel alignment to your regular maintenance to get longer-lasting tires and better fuel economy.

Transmission Repair Versus Vehicle Replacement

Customers tend to worry when they find out they need a transmission repair. They begin to struggle with the idea of having the car fixed or selling it and starting over with something new.

Joining the Jetta Club: What You Should Know Before Taking the First Step

The Jetta has historically always been an affordable car at a great price. Before taking the dip and purchasing one, learn more about how you should prepare for such a purchase.

Common Auto Repair Prevention for Car Owners

There are multiple steps you can take to help auto repair prevention. Some steps that a car owner might do in order to prevent common problems in an automobile have other long-term benefits.

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