Nippon 9 inches android stereo

Facts To Consider When Negotiating With Car Dealers

Buying a new vehicle can be a stressful time. Here are some facts that might help you the next time you are in the market for an automobile.

Five Rules For Dealing With Car Dealers

Need a new vehicle? Follow these simple rules to get a great price on a reliable ride from car dealers.

A Bad Wrong Fuel Recovery Experience – How to Avoid the Industry Cowboys

The following article recounts the experience of a gentleman named Nick who inadvertently put the wrong fuel into his car and was left stranded at the roadside and in need of a fuel drain company to get him back on the road. Being unfamiliar with the industry, he calls out the wrong company. This article serves as a warning to anyone who finds themselves in the same predicament as our driver and may prove useful in pointing out how to tell an experienced engineer from a cowboy.

Transmission Belts – The Advantages

Belts are the cheapest utility for power transmission between shafts that may or may not be axially aligned. They run smoothly and with little noise, and cushion motor and bearings against load changes.

How to Convert Auto Engines to Marine Use

This article is all about a step by step procedure on how to convert a car engine to marine use. Converting car engine as boat engine by adding some details prior to marine application.

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