Important Tips When Buying an HID Conversion Kit

Buying an HID Kit is always exciting, but there are some important things that every buyer should know. This is a quick guide to show some of the different kits available on the market.

Astounding Vehicles From Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is an eminent name in the commercial vehicle segment. The organization is a global leader in producing these vehicles and offers a range of products, including buses, trucks, light vehicles, and defence vehicles.

Astounding Trucks From The House Of Man

MAN Truck & Bus AG is an eminent manufacturer of trucks and other commercial vehicles. We take a look at the products manufactured by the ace automobile giant.

Mahindra Cars, a Class Apart

Mahindra is an eminent vehicle manufacturing organization in India. Established in the year 1945, the company has a fleet of stylish cars that is extremely popular in the Indian Auto Market. We take a look at some of these coupes.

What You Need To Know About The Car Door Actuator

A door actuator is an electronic device that releases the passenger’s door latch. The device is programmed to be activated by a manual button, switch or radio signal. It is usually mounted on the inside of the door framework and operates on a push or pull principle. When you install the device, it converts your manual door lock to an automated lock. The device also acts as a keyless alarm system that you can easily operate it using a remote control.

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