Mercedes GLS 400 with AMG grill

Volkswagen Polo – German Engineering for Everyone!

The Volkswagen Polo is the car that brought German engineering within reach of everybody. This hatchback is built tough, provides a very comfortable ride and is good on safety as well. There are issues such as the mediocre engines and some variants being quite pricey but all in all, the Polo is a very sensible and practical vehicle to own and use.

Renault Scala – Badge-Engineered, But Attractive Nonetheless

The Renault Scala is a badge-engineered offspring of the Renault – Nissan partnership and it does have a lot going in its favour. The cost hammer does land rather hard on the wallet but with its comfortable ride quality, immense passenger cabin space and good reliability, you are unlikely to feel disheartened with the Scala.

Facts About Diesel That Every Driver Needs to Know

Economies the world over are looking for better energy consumption habits. Diesel engines are becoming popular because they are considered more efficient on highways. If you consider gas saving vehicles, hybrid cars do well in the city while diesel cars are better on the highway.

3 Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Having a car is a virtual necessity nowadays. This article presents a couple of useful car maintenance tips that all car owners should keep in mind.

Working Procedure of a Fuel Level Switch

The level switch found in the fuel tank of motor vehicles consists of three components. They are: a resistor, a float and an actuating shaft.

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