Maybach rotating tweeters for Mercedes Benz C GLC E S-class W205 W213 W222 W177 #shorts #mercedes

Importance of Automotive LED Lighting!

Today, LED lighting technology is available for almost every purpose in the automotive lighting industry. In fact, nowadays LEDs can be installed easily in different locations and using ways that were deemed impossible for the placement of the incandescent bulbs. LED illuminations were used for the first time on a Corvette in form of a stop lamp, which proved of vital importance in terms of safety, apart from the change in styling. Since then, these illuminations are being used as brake lights, not because they add to the styling of the vehicle, but because they add also a lot to its safety.

Powerful and Lightweight – The Supercars of Today

The supercars seen in magazines today are hard to define. They are superfast, sleek, and extremely expensive. Aerodynamic and curvaceous, they resemble a space ship more than an auto.

How to Find Out Whether Your Car Turn Signal Socket Is SRCK?

Are you wondering about upgrading your vehicle’s brake lights, turn signal lights, or the parking lights, and replacing them with the LED bulbs? If the answer is yes, then the first thing you need to figure out is to know the socket type in your car.

Bad Credit Car Loan: People With Poor Credit Report’s Alternative

Secondhand cars are great alternative for brand new vehicles. A prospective buyer must spend enough time and energy in order to find an automobile that will fit their needs as well as budget.

New Ferrari Supercar, LaFerrari, Unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

The fastest Ferrari road car ever has finally debuted at the Geneva International Auto Show. The new Ferrari supercar combines the highest performance V12 engine ever placed in a Ferrari with the Formula One derived hybrid drive system, the HY-KERS. LaFerrari will be produced in only 499 examples and its bodywork is entirely in ultra-light weight carbon fiber.

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