Honda jazz with nippon android stereo

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shock Absorbers

If your truck has covered more than 60,000 miles, or if you have started to notice a decrease in your comfort or handling whilst driving, you may be in need of new shock absorbers. Buying parts for your truck can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what a part does, or how to tell if it needs to be replaced. This article will help to explain exactly what they do and how they work.

Top 5 Acura Models of All Time

Acura is the luxury version of the carmaker Honda. Acura has had a few classic vehicles, particularly around when they first got started in the early 1990s. Learn about the top 10 Acura vehicles of all time

Chevrolet Spark – Efficient Small Car

Chevrolet had many expectations with their entry level car, Spark when they launched it almost six years back in India. It was supposed to take on the whole range of entry level cars in our market but this car failed and failed quite badly. Last year, Chevrolet also launched the face-lifted version of Spark in order to boost its sales but that version has also been neglected by the Indian buyers.

The Most Used Films for Car Windows Tinting

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is the most practical way to personalize your car and improve its appearance. Tinted car windows protect the driver and passengers from direct sunlight, hide them from public eye, and strengthen the car window.

Winter Time Fixes For Car Hobby Itches

It’s difficult being a car gal or guy during the winter months in the northern regions. But you can find some things to do to help cure the itch and hopefully hold you over till spring gets here and the cars can come out again.

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