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The Most Common Reasons For Parking Issues

Parking is one of the glaring issues faced by most motorists with the increase in number of people opting to purchase their own vehicle. This problem is both confusing and conflicting. Parking can be a headache in airports, shopping malls and even bus stations.

New Mercedes-Benz Edition E: Power and Aesthetic Features Merged in One Unit

Mercedes-Benz launched the new Edition E luxury saloon for the Indian car lovers at the start price of INR 48.6 Lac ex-showroom. This special edition car has many unique features including a Edition E badge, illuminated star logo, panoramic sunroof, advanced braking system, rear parking assistance and safety airbags for all its occupants.

Highway Work Zone Safety for Workers and Drivers

Reports from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) show that every year, approximately 100 workers are killed while an additional 20,000 workers are injured in highway construction accidents. Furthermore, studies show that 55% of these fatalities occur within the actual work zone. Those that face the greatest risk of being struck by vehicles are flaggers and workers on foot who are too often invisible to motorists. Workers who operate equipment are more likely to be injured from equipment collision or overturn. Workers on highway work zones frequently operate in low light, poor weather and congested traffic conditions.

The Various Ways Of Addressing Parking Problems

A parking situation is inevitable for every drive taken in a motorized vehicle. When you decide to travel and finally reach your destination you can be certain of the parking issues you will be facing. Parking can be public or private.

Why We Love These Latest Cars (And Why You Will, Too!)

Since I was a little girl I have always had an infatuation with cars. So I’ve written this mini review of three of the best new releases for 2016.

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