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If You Want to Learn How to Tow a Trailer or Caravan Attend a Towing Course

Towing a vehicle is not easy! It can be dangerous and sometimes very stressful if you are pulling a trailer or caravan on a busy road and do not have the necessary skills or experience. Incorrectly towing a vehicle can cause damage to your car and it can also be life threatening to you, your passengers, and to other motorists and pedestrians.

Hints for Identifying Car Parts

Numbering systems in auto parts can be elaborated and complex. Usually, car parts come with numbers that are molded or engraved into the part. Often, these parts are slightly modified from year to year making sure that they remain compatible with a particular year and model. In some cases, car parts are assigned numbers and letters based on their group. For instance, body, electrical, engines and transmissions have their own numbers assigned. The following are some essential tips in identifying car parts.

Faulty Ignition Coil – Signs and Symptoms

The ignition coil is a vital part of a vehicle’s ignition system. It amplifies the voltage produced by the battery enabling spark plug to fire. A well-functioning ignition coil is essential for the optimal performance of the spark plug. Conversely, a faulty ignition coil leads to failure of spark plug. Before discussing about the signs and symptoms of faulty ignition coil, let us see the common causes that could lead to ignition coil failure.

Avoid Falling Victim to Road Rage – The Driver’s Safety Tips

Road rage is a common thing we face nowadays. Being alert and vigilant when driving might not always help us avoid aggressive drivers. In order to be safe on the road we should take some essential preventive measures.

Ball Bearings Vs Roller Bearings – Understand The Difference

Machinery that has moving parts makes use of a variety of bearings which enable easy movement and reduce friction. They ensure that the machinery works properly and does not break down. There are different varieties of bearings but the most common ones are ball bearings and roller bearings, both of which are varieties of radial contact bearings.

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