Kushaq with Seatcovers and 7D mats

Simple Tips On How to Protect Car Paint

Car paint is prone to fading over time and therefore you need to give your auto a good care to preserve its initial beauty and color. Let’s discuss what factors lead to paint fading and what should you do to decrease the impact of these factors.

Financing Tips for Purchasing a Used Car

When you are considering purchasing a used automobile, you have to fill out a credit application. This can be an overwhelming and confusing process if you have never done this in the past. Use the following tips to ensure that your credit application is approved and that you receive the financing that you need to purchase a used car.

Low Viscosity Engine Oil Trends

Global programs designed for decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions, coupled with government laws from countries the world over, are encouraging expectations of better performance for engine oils. In this article, we’ll consider some of the factors that push towards the use of engine oils with lower viscosity, and how they could affect the oil, additives and automotive industries.

Transmission Belts and V Belts – Two Most Popular Products in the Automobile and Industrial Domain

V belts are available in the market in different specifications and price range. However, Gates V belts are much applauded by a number of industry experts.

Find the Value of Your Car Using NADA Guide

National Automobile Dealers Association was founded in 1917 by a group of people determined to lower the luxury taxes on automobiles. When the petition proved successful, NADA developed into a permanent organization aimed at representing fair and regulated automobile values across the country. NADA Guide generates its listings solely from dealership databases which log each vehicle sold through dealerships across the country.

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