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What You Need to Know About Car Finance – The Pros and Cons

In today’s economy, there nearly as many car finance options as there are consumers using them. Should you consider a subprime loan or look for another option?

Negotiating for Used Cars in Your Area

Finding the perfect car is like a treasure hunt, but getting a great deal is more like a trial. Brush up on your negotiating skills while you are shopping for used cars –you’ll be glad you did.

DIY Wipers at the Auto Parts Store

To save money on your wiper blades, take a trip to the auto parts store to make them yourself. These simple instructions are easy enough for drivers of all ages and mechanical skill levels.

Your Guide to Buying Used Cars

When shopping for used cars, you are making an investment that will impact your life for years to come. Choose your pre-owned vehicle wisely by researching its history, taking it for a test drive, and ordering an inspection.

The Upside Downs of Car Finance – What You Need to Know

Car Finance – What You Need to Know – Many people have been in a situation where they go into a dealership looking to buy, still owing money on their current vehicle, wanting to trade up for a better ride. Car finance options can be tricky in this case. As the old saying goes, their eyes are bigger than their stomachs – or more appropriately, their eyes are bigger than their wallets. Anyone with loan experience will call this being upside down in a loan. This is when a consumer owes more money on their current vehicle than it is worth. For instance, a person goes in to trade a car with high mileage and a lot of wear and tear for a new car that will serve them better. The current one is well worn, and its worth or value has deteriorated. However, the money owed is greater than the value given by Kelly Blue Book or the amount the dealership is willing to give for trade toward the new vehicle. This money then has to be rolled over into a new loan, adding to the purchase price of the new car.

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