Tata Nexon 2022 android stereo with apple car play and android auto

Vinyl Stickers – What Will They Stick to, and Once They’re Stuck, How to Unstick Them

Question: Will my windshield wipers ruin the decal on my car’s rear window? Answer: If it’s just rain water, it is unlikely that any real damage will occur in the short-term or at least within in a couple of years. However, if there’s lots of dirt or mud that hits your windows, then you may see the abrasive action of the dirt (which contains silica, the main ingredient of glass) begin to wear on the decal’s ink.

KBB Named Volkswagen Passat As Top Family Car

Most people have a different definition of a family car, but the Kelly Blue Book or KBB takes several factors into consideration like: 1: Safety 2: Affordability 3: Interior Space 4: Resale Value 5: Fuel Economy Of course family cars take these and many more factors into consideration and so does KBB when it gets together its yearly “best of list” for its vehicle segment. It was only just recently that the editors at KBB announced the top 10 cars list for their family car segment.

Choosing Car Moving Company – Tips and Tricks

Car Moving, also known as Car/Vehicle Relocation, Car/Auto Shipping or Car/Auto Transporting – is a multi-billion dollar business in the USA with thousands of service providers coast-to-coast. Unfortunately this business domain has a historically unfavorable reputation and is a subject of never ending complaints from fellow countrymen. The goal of this step-by-step guide is to help you to avoid many innocent but costly mistakes when moving your car by choosing a dependable car relocation company you can trust.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Car

For many people, driving their own car is way better than car leasing. When we get to the point that we feel secure enough to be able to afford a new car, we tend to entertain the option of spending our money on a brand new vehicle. While there are people who would opt to own secondhand cars, there are also individuals who wish to purchase a new car.

Outlook for Luxury Car Makers Remain Attractive

Global vehicle sales increased by 5.2% to 80.9 million in 2012, but luxury car segment sales followed a higher trajectory. Most luxury car manufacturers reported high double digit sales volume growth in 2012. We believe, luxury car manufacturers will continue to do well in 2013 as well. Global portfolio managers would do well to add names such as BMW and Daimler to their portfolio. Below is a brief review of performance in 2012 and outlook for 2013 for various car markets.

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