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Chevrolet Beat – Chevy Hatch to “Beat” The Competition

The Beat is a very good package of styling, features and performance. Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable diesel cars in our market which comes with a trusted and fuel efficient diesel engine. Chevrolet also gives you a warranty of 3years/1,00,000km on the Beat which shows the high level of confidence that Chevrolet has in their car and it also reduces the maintenance costs of your car.

Why Getting A Pre-Owned Car Is A Smarter Option

Buying a car is really a big deal for everyone. The option of buying a used vehicle always pops in the buyer’s mind and below are the top reasons why this is a viable option.

Best Motorcycles For Touring

An update from the world market has come to introduce motorcycle brands from Asia. As per reports, these motorcycles are made with great quality. But the best thing about these is their affordability.

Treating Your Car to New Seat Covers

Of all the parts in a typical car that are prone to showing signs of wear over time, the seats are perhaps the most obvious ones. It makes sense, as they’re constantly under the stress of your body (and those of your passengers), and if you don’t keep them protected, the constant use of your car can quickly degrade their appearance and make them less and less attractive. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your seats under a good set of car seat covers.

Will Air Pollution Concerns Kill China’s Auto Market?

In early 2014 the global auto industry was looking at the 2013 car sales levels in China and they were clearly blown away, more cars were sold that year than in any other year in human history. All total with China included it was over 40 million cars, imagine that? Of course, imagine all the roads and fuel needed in the future to support that. More impressive perhaps are the predictions for 2014. Let’s talk.

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