New santro customised bucket fit SEATCOVERS

Tata Nano Vs Alto K10 AMT

Tata has once again launched a new version of the Nano for the Indian market. We compare the new Nano against the Alto K10 AMT.

About Safety of Self-Driving Cars

Google recently announced their self-driving cars have been in 11 crashes ever? Like..

How to Sell a Car: The Benefits of Car Sales Training

Knowing how to sell a car is an acquired skill, but it can also be learned. The benefits of a car sales training course can be immense, either for you as an individual, or for your company if you are an employer.

5 Common Reasons for Car Accidents

While car accidents may be a leading cause of death for young adults, there are solutions for this cause of reckless driving. Learn the 5 common reasons for car accidents, as well as some car accident prevention tips.

B Is for Behaviour, Is Your Driver Behaviour Letting You Down?

It is said that it is our behaviour that forms our attitude, or could it be the other way around? I wrote in the blog entitled ATTITUDE. “It is our attitude and behaviour that lets us down all the time on the road”.

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