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The Future of Car Dealerships

Just as all other industries have had to adjust to the rise of computers and technology, so must car dealerships. This article discusses both seen and proposed changes for buyers and dealers, and how dealers can use these changes to their benefit.

Buying a Used Range Rover: Sport or Full-Size?

As two of the most popular luxury SUVs from Land Rover, a used Range Rover Sport and a full-size Range Rover do not seem to be very different. Comparing and contrasting the two models to discover the subtle differences can help the buyer make the right decision to fit their needs.

What Are Switchback LED Lights?

Switchback LED lights are otherwise known as dual-function LED lights because they can switch colors from xenon white to amber yellow for the parking and turn signal lights. They make driving on the road much safer as well as make your car more stylish.

Used Car Dealers: How to Tell the Good From the Bad

Purchasing a used car can be a tricky arena to navigate, but there are a few telltale signs that indicate whether or not you have found a dealer you can trust. Reputable used car dealers care about more than just their bottom line, they also care about finding you the perfect vehicle that fits your needs.

Buy My Car For Cash: Tips On How To Make More Money When Selling Your Old Car

If you want to sell your old car, here are tips on how to get more money when making the sale: Showcase the ride Just like in real estate where homeowners clear countertops, rearrange furniture, and clean closets in order to showcase their homes, you need to do similar things in order to showcase your ride. This calls for you to thoroughly clean your car. When cleaning, you should not forget the interior: you should vacuum the carpets, shake out the floor mats, and wipe off any dust that might be on the dashboard and other surfaces.

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