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How to Get a Trailer License

In the UK there are strict requirements when it comes to towing a trailer behind your vehicle. Those who obtained their driving licenses prior to 19 January 2013 are required to obtain a trailer license should they wish to pull anything heavier than 750 kilograms.

The Benefits of Taking Towing Lessons

So many people believe they can purchase a trailer or horsebox and take to the roads. This is not the case at all, especially in the UK where there are strict rules and regulations regarding the weight of the trailer and the driving license you hold.

Buying A High-Quality Used Car – Useful Tips

Vehicle enthusiasts should opt for a used car as it costs less than a new model. Prioritizing, focusing on the budget, checking features and test-driving are some of the things to consider.

3 Steps To Finding The Right Auto Transport Company

Are you looking to move from one location to another and need to transport all of your belongings including your car? If you think that you’ll ever be in this position then you should consider these three steps when looking for an auto transport services to move your vehicle.

Fuel Injection Systems – Major Components and How They Work

All modern cars are now equipped with fuel injection systems (FIS) replacing carburetors. FIS is a combination of various components that co-ordinate and work together to deliver optimum engine performance. Failure of any single component can lead to improper functioning of the system and sometimes results in serious engine issues. This article is about the major components of FIS and their working process.

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