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The Promised Manufacturing Jobs and the Reality – Auto Makers Delight?

The United States has once again lowered its GDP growth expectations for 2013 and 2014 to almost what I’d consider a margin for error, meaning, anywhere from zero growth to just over 2%, either way, that’s not going to do us any favors for job expansion, and it’s certainly not going to help our government prevent outrageous budget deficits. Some contend that the FED, Federal Government and our self-proclaimed important political leaders are doing everything they can to improve the job outlook.

The Hyundai IX35

Hyundai’s latest model, the ix35, bagged Car of the Year 2013 at honestjohn. It seems appropriate then, to explore the car’s features and highlights and to find out what makes it quite so popular. Looks The Hyundai ix35 is a crossover with a stylish edge.

Fuel Delivery System – Maintenance Tips

Fuel delivery system (FDS) is an important unit of your car’s engine. The main components of FDS are the fuel tank, the injection pump assembly and injectors, the fuel transfer pump, and the fuel system filtration products. The function of FDS includes supplying, transferring, cleaning and delivering the fuel properly to facilitate combustion and generate power.

Classic Used Cars Are Boosting Sales

Classic used cars are becoming more popular than ever before. Consumers are interested in owning top of the line vehicles that are like nothing on the market today.

Why Is Car Shopping So Painful?

Car shopping can be a painful experience to the customer. Here are some suggestion to dealerships on how to make it better.

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