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LaFerrari – The Fastest Ferrari Road Car Ever Built

The new Ferrari Supercar, LaFerrari, that has been unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show is truly a remarkable car and the fastest Ferrari road car ever built. Rory Byrne, the legendary F1 designer responsible of at least 11 of Ferrari’s World Championship-winning cars, has been actively involved together with the F1 Department in developing LaFerrari and its choice of materials, design and engineering.

Modern Urban Living: Argument for Compact and Sub Compact Vehicles

The argument for sub compact cars in today’s modern urban metropolis. A case for sub compact cars for urban dwellers.

Choosing a Driving School Which Is Right for You

In today’s market over-saturated with driving training service providers choosing the right driving school is no simple task. While many driving school are valuable businesses and advertise “comparable” training services their value for you individually may vary significantly. In this article we will help you to choose the driving school which is right for you.

10 Important Features for Your Family Vehicle

Picking a family vehicle can be difficult. Here are 10 important safety features to have in your family vehicle.

The Desire for More Cars Globally – Does It Signal a Time Bomb to Human Resources?

Perhaps you’ve been watching how many third world nations are getting more and more automobiles, building more roads, and then needing more oil. It’s almost as if the automobile sector globally supports the oil industry, construction industry, and capitalistic economic development. Whereas, it is true that communication and travel do help with economic development, and oil is necessary for an industrialized nation, at least in the present period – I still believe that we should be careful in listening to environmentalists who tell us that more cars in the world will be the death knell of humanity.

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