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Re-Inventing Internal Combustion Engines Using Gear Technology

Gears are toothed mechanical devices which can transmit and translate rotational motion into linear-reciprical or rotational motion from one part of a machine to another. These devices have not being employed within Internal combustion engines to replace crankshaft or cams to transform reciprocal motion of pistons into rotatonal motion to perform work. A new technology has emerged with an African invented designing gears that can function efficiently as crankshaft substitutes.

Why the 2013 Honda Accord Is a Great Family Car

The Accord has been voted as the best new family car in the under $30,000 price range by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) which is made up of over 80 of the top journalists in Canada who test vehicles on a number of different stringent criteria. The Honda Accord has often been acclaimed as being a great family vehicle. The 2013 model is no different in this regard to previous model years for many different reasons.

What To Do When Driving On Ice

No one likes dealing with ice, snow or even slush. Being safe in these conditions requires observant behavior, and there are a few basic rules of conduct that can make driving during these winter months safer for everyone.

Why The Minivan Is Popular For Wheelchair Conversions

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you had a incapacitating disability that made even the simplest of tasks, like getting out of bed and going to school, nearly impossible? Now imagine what life must be like for that man down the street who was paralyzed in a car accident or that elderly woman who suffers crippling back pain.

Women: The 50 Percent

Women represent half of the drivers in the world, according to a Kanetix.com1 article titled “Around the World, Women in the Driver’s Seat.” The misconception that women like to be driven, rather than drive themselves, is declared untrue by this daring post.

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