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An Analysis of the Automobile Market of Bike Dealers in Raipur and Car Dealers in Raipur

In recent years, Raipur has witnessed a lot of changes. The State Government has invested a lot of funds on infrastructure development in the state. This has primarily been focussed on building better roadways. A lot of this has been in Raipur to improve the navigation within the city. One of them has been Gaurav Path. This road which links Ghadi Chowk and Telibandha has been widened to a four lane. Construction is also going on for the Canal Linking Road which would join Pandri and the Airport. Construction for this road has been completed until Pandri to Telibandha. Construction is going on to widen the Raipur Bilaspur which is now a single lane highway. But despite all these things traffic congestion is on the rise in the city.

About Car Spoilers

A car spoiler is a wing shaped device that is usually positioned at the rear of the vehicle above the trunk. Initially, the units were used on race cars in order to stabilize the vehicles at high speeds. In modern times they are used in a number of ways. Functions of car spoilers – Reducing the amount of drag: drag is the resistance generated by air that the vehicle passes through. Since air is very light, it allows objects to pass through it at lower speeds; however, as the speed increases, air generates resistance which usually slows down the vehicle.

Tips on Choosing an Alloy Wheel Cleaner

In the past, car owners had very limited selection of alloy wheel cleaners. Various homemade solutions such as freshly squeezed lemon juice were recommended. Now things are different. You can pick from a huge variety of products. You need to ensure that you will make the best choice so that all of the stuck dirt is effectively removed without any particular effort on your part.

3 Unsuspected Threats to Alloy Wheels

You most certainly know that brake dust can cause serious damage to alloy wheels. However, it is not the only threat to these light and weather-resistant car parts. There are other potential threats which most vehicle owners are unaware of. Find out what these are and how to get proper protection.

Vehicles of Choice in the Restoration Industry

After working for over 25 years in the restoration industry from technician to owner, I have come to conclusions on the importance of vehicle choices in this industry. These are suggestions on the types of vehicles that one should choose if they were to be involved in any form of contracting specifically restoration.

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