Renault Pulse with nippon android stereo

Tips on Buying Used Luxury Cars at Affordable Rates

Buying a used luxury car offers the finest value for money obtainable. Indeed, it’s now possible to buy classy luxury car at an inexpensive price that you won’t have imagined in the first place. It stops you throwing money away on buying a brand new car that loses its value straight away.

Help Tow Drivers Find You With Tracking Devices

You should never get on the road without having a way to know where you are if your car is to break down. Reading mile markers is one way to know where you are, but having a tracking device is a more reliable method.

California 101 – Smog Check Program

9 out of 10 Californian’s have not heard about this yet, but the smog check program as we know it is about to get a makeover. This year the State of California will be introducing a new testing procedure that will finally bring San Diegans a sigh of relief.

Auto Restoration: Keep Your Car Looking Brand New Forever

It’s no secret that most car owners love their cars. People take pride in their cars, striving to keep them looking and running great for years to come. However, every vehicle is prone to wear and tear.

Computerized Car Systems: The New Frontier in Maintenance

Not since the advent of the electric car has there been such a challenge to the vehicle maintenance industry. For decades, mechanics have performed the same types of tasks, working on engines and other car maintenance aspects that had been passed down by previous generations of mechanics. The advent of computerized car systems, from automatic locks to engine lights, has thrown many of those in the auto mechanic industry for a loop.

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