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Fungi Threaten Production of Rubber – Do We Revert to Wooden Wheels or Is There Another Alternative?

Microcyclus ulei, South American leaf blight is ardently joining in the forces against the motoring industry, as if the emissions, noise and other environmental regulations have not already hit the automotive business hard enough. We may have witnessed the dwindling of natural resources like oil and some earth metals, but who would have ever thought of rubber? The automotive industry consumes about half of the natural rubber produced globally, with the majority of that going into tires.

Top 3 Best Cars in 2013 and How They Can Be Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

Here, we enlist the top 3 hottest vehicles of 2013. You can import these cars from the U.S. to your doorstep with the help of a reputable auto exporter.

Safety Tips for Car Key Replacement

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having lost the vehicle keys you’ll likely find that the cost to buy replacing keys on the newer vehicle models can be quite expensive. Some of the major dealers are likely to charge in the region of $150-$250 for a duplicate transponder key.

Ford F150: The Most Attractive And Powerful Pickup Track

Style, functionality and power are what most people look for when choosing a pickup truck. With this, the demand for the recent version of Ford pickups- the Ford F150 – remains strong. Furthermore, with its enhanced exterior design which exhibits a more streamlined and luxurious appearance coupled with a more efficient gas mileage and stronger towing power, it truly is America’s favorite and top auto brand for those who love the outdoors but require excellent overall performance.

How to Buy a Good Quality Vehicle

Next time you are in line for buying a new car or a utility vehicle, do not go past the auction option. By going online and looking on the website of your chosen auction house, you will find that you will have an amazing range of vehicles to choose from. Their online car listings will include an auction price estimate, photos of the car and general information about its features and condition.

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