A Day in The Life of a Wrong Fuel Recovery Engineer

Every year, more and more motorists are filling up their vehicles with the wrong fuel. The problem has become so widespread that a whole industry has grown up around the removal and transportation of contaminated fuel from affected vehicles all over the UK. Experts suggest that the main reason behind the growth of this particular industry is the increasing popularity of diesel vehicles. Motorists with a history of driving petrol engine vehicles are swapping over to diesel vehicles to take advantage of the lower running costs. Demand for a wrong fuel recovery service peaks twice a year at new registration time when motorists are buying new vehicles and, during the first few weeks of ownership, losing concentration at the filling station and filling up with the wrong fuel. There are, of course, other contributing factors such as the ever increasing stress of modern life causing people to lose focus for a moment whilst refuelling and also the fact that modern diesel engines are so quiet and refined that it’s difficult to tell them apart from a petrol engine vehicle.

Ways to Find an Honest Dealership in NJ

Finding a dealership in NJ that is honest is crucial to getting a good used car. Learn one story in NJ where customers were hoodwinked and ways to avoid this yourself.

Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bus For Sale

Buying a vehicle most especially a bus can be very hard. You need to look for reputable auto dealers who can provide you with the best item that you need.

The Benefits Of Connected Cars

Wherever you go today, people everywhere are now constantly connected to a mobile phone. No longer just teenagers, everyone from moms, to grandparents and businessmen and women are now constantly playing around with their smartphones. Understandably who could blame them? Not only are these devices insanely clever but give us the ability to take control of our lives.

Sustainable Transport: The Future Of Road Transport

Transportation sustainability is one of the key areas that is of main concern in terms of climate change. As millions of people commute daily, the environmental impact of vehicles has a profound effect especially more so for transportation that relies solely on fossil fuel energy.

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