How to Make: SHOP SUBWOOFER! Built INTO the shop and doing THIS removed rattles!

Should You Keep a Car for As Long As Possible?

Buying a new car is exciting. The thrill is new and it has that new car smell. In the beginning you get all the benefits of having a new car such as a maintenance plan and service plan that takes care of everything for you. After that period is over, some people sell their cars to buy a new one, whilst others still love their car and tend to keep it longer. Is it wise to keep your car longer?

The Good Old Days – Cars We’ve Loved and Lost

Have you ever owned a car that you sold, and now regret selling? This is the story of mine…

ERP for Automobile Manufacturing? Know The Basic Features

While large automobile companies are dominating the industry and stand to be the real players with a common goal, i.e. streamlined operations, this article throws some light on how ERP software can help small-scale manufacturing units too to realize the same. Read the article to know the must-have features in an ERP for small manufacturing units and how it helps them maximise efficiency in operations.

Simple, But Important Windshield Care Tips That Can Save You Money

Windshields are some of the most important vehicle parts but most people do not realize their importance until something happens to them and they do not function as effectively as they ought to. Apart from making a vehicle look great, this important feature protects drivers from elements, saves life in accidents, offer unobstructed clear view of the road and also supports the roof so it does not cave in when accidents occur.

The Renault Clio GT Line Is Equal Parts Functional and Sporty

The Renault Clio GT is a welcome combination of potent performance, comprehensive features and a sporty character. Read the review.

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