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The Acura ILX

We are all delighted with the new Acura ILX. The quality and cutting edge technology continues.

How Can Tyres Improve Your Driving?

To select the right tyre, it is not ample to follow maker’s references. You also need to take your driving habits and the situation in which you drive into consideration. You will not pick out the same type of tyre if you mostly use your car for short trips around city as you would if you clock up the miles on highways, or if you drive a sports car or a 4×4.

Henry Ford and the Irish Connection

Although a veteran of many car brands, I had not realized that my favorite marque was built by an innovative company inspired by a fellow Irishman. I tried every car brand including the Seven Series BMW; what a mistake that was. As with many Irish, English and Scottish family histories of the time, the Henry Ford odyssey is a fascinating saga of emigration and hardship. His father, William, had settled into a farming community in Dearborn, Michigan. His son, Henry, born in 1863, seemed destined for life as a farmer. It was in the farm’s outdoor sheds that he worked on the principle of the petrol driven motor car. Having built his first car he founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

Headlight Technology Has a Very Bright Future

The race is always on among automakers to deliver new technology that will put them ahead of the pack. While much of the work done by engineers focuses on power-trains and fuel efficiency, they also keep an eye on aesthetics. Let’s face it, we all want our cars to look great and be noticed on the street, and headlights are a fantastic way to make that happen.

Advantages of a Police LED Light Bar

It was half century ago that this new variety of mixture of metals was designed. This alloy permitted the development of first realistic light emitting diode. Light emitting diodes led to development of current date LED lights. Police LED light bars are a very resourceful development that makes them an advancement in science and technology.

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