Grand vitara base model with nippon 9 pro ultra and ambient lights

Money Saving Tips for Haulage Companies

Saving money while working on haulage loads is important for all haulage drivers. Here are a few tips that can help companies save money when times are tight.

Longer Lorries Carry Bigger Loads – Taken to Extremes

The bigger the lorry the bigger the loads it can carry. And one Lincoln based firm is taking this to its extremes.

Safe Loads Make for Safe Roads

The Health and Safety Laboratory has recently published a new guide that aims to help improve the safety record of the haulage industry. It focuses on loads and how to ensure they are always as safe as possible before and during a journey. The guide has the catchy title of “Load Safe, Road Safe” and it aims to clarify the rules and regulations surrounding the loading of HGV vehicles.

Learning How To Drive

When you decide it’s your time to get in the driver’s seat, always remember, that practice makes perfect. While taking a drivers course is always the way to go, there are more things you should go over before taking the big leap, meaning before you even take the driver test, and the exam.

Intensive Driving Courses

Many people are wanting to take an intensive driving course in order to improve their skills. These courses are for those who want to quickly learn how to drive.

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