3 Warranty Safe 2015 WRX Mods You Can Install This Weekend!

A factory warranty is a great thing to have, and one of the benefits of purchasing a new car. You don’t want to risk voiding that warranty with modifications, so check out these three 2015 WRX mods that will sate your modification appetite!

Track Day Checklist! How To Prepare for Your First Track Day

Taking your car to the track can be an exciting adventure. You’ll always remember your first trip to the track, so why not be prepared and ready for anything? This checklist will highlight everything you need to know, from what can break first, how to avoid finishing last, and what upgrades will help you make the most out of your experience.

Pajero Sport Automatic and Its Rivals

The Pajero Sport Automatic possesses a range of amazing features. It has been launched by Mitsubishi to offer stiff competition to rival automakers such as Ford, Hyundai and Toyota.

Why Are Diesel Engines Preferred Over Petrol Engines?

Engines are the heart of every great machine and are considered as one of the greatest contributions of mechanical engineering to the human civilization. Imagine what would have occurred if James watt wouldn’t have designed his steam engine that literally opened the doors for the Industrial Revolution. The following article is an excellent but compact treatise on the most commonly used engines in the world. Written for those who have ever ridden an automobile in their lives, this is worth reading.

Auto Sales Training: Business Advantages of a Car Sales Course

Auto sales training is becoming more common, due largely to the increasing awareness of the public of what to look for in a new or used car. A car sales course can teach you or your staff how to avoid walk-aways and maximize conversions, and will also keep them current with changing legislation.

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