10 Car Audio Build Hacks everyone forgets!

How to Make Your Morning Commute Faster in the Winter

Everything slows down in the winter. Once the temperatures begin to drop and the snow begins to fall everything seems to come to a standstill. Animals are in hibernation and people don’t leave the house as often. But when they do, they certainly drive slower. Winter weather can make driving very perilous, especially in places that are prone to inclement weather. If you are someone that lives in a place that is prone to inclement weather then your morning commute is likely elongated during the winter.

Tricks to Retaining Your Car’s Resale Value

Keeping a car’s resale value can be a difficult task that will take the investment of both time and money. But if you are able to maintain your vehicle then you will see its resale value skyrocket.

How The OBD2 Code Reader Can Help Fix Your Car

The OBD2 code reader is an on-board diagnostic tool used to detect vehicle faults. In times past, detecting vehicle faults was a herculean task but since 1996 when vehicles with on-board diagnosis capabilities were released in the United States of America and in 2001 in Europe, there has been great improvement in vehicle troubleshooting. However, understanding how a code reader works will help you in determining whether you need one or not.

Know More About Duplicate Car Keys

Get yourself a Duplicate Car Key if you constantly find yourself misplacing or losing your keys all the time. Depending on the make and model of the car you have, you may have to go to the dealer to get extra copies to be made for you. If you go to another source, they may give you keys that may mess up with your security system especially if they are transponder keys and this may void the warranty you have. If you are seeking information on getting duplicate car keys then there are lots of different places you can go.

Overview of the Largest Farming Machinery Manufacturers

A quick overview of the major players in the heavy machinery sector. From the highly recognizable John Deere, to European giants like Claas.

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