xuv 700 new model 2022 Cardi ambient light

Understanding And Fixing The Hyper Flash Of The Blinkers!

In an attempt to replace the turn signal lights with LED bulbs, most of the people are troubled by the hyper flash of LED bulbs and wonder if there is a way to make them flash at the normal pace. Well, the answer is certainly yes!

Keep Money in Your Pocket When You Get a Brake Repair

Before you get a brake job, get to know the various parts that make up the brake system in your vehicle. Learn when to repair and when to replace parts. Ask questions and if necessary, get a second opinion.

Basic Care Tips for Your Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

Many owners consider their 4WD vehicle to be indestructible, with practically no maintenance necessary. A four wheel drive is certainly a tough vehicle, but neglecting to keep a check on it may result in some hefty repair bills down the line.

Having a Windshield Replacement on a Classic Car

Classic car enthusiasts are aware of the increased costs in buying, running and maintaining a collectors standard of automobile, so it is no surprise that if you need a windshield replacement, or new headlights, this will cost a lot more than if you needed one of these items replacing on a bog standard BMW or run of the mill Renault. It is therefore essential that you take out special classic car insurance to cover your vehicle for any damages.

Internal Hub Bicycles – Keeping Them In Great Shape

It is important that you always take good care of your bike. Through this, you will certainly have your bicycle for a very long time.

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