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The Road (Dedicated to Those Who Drive a Lot – Like Me)

An impressionistic view of the love of DRIVING. Beyond the technical aspects, and to the emotional. The view of LIFE from a car.

Don’t Get Stuck, Get a Used Car

Transportation is vital to our daily existences, and used cars are a great and affordable way to get from point a to b. There are so many tools available to those interested in previously owned vehicles. Check out the internet, and find yourself a car.

The Automobile Through the Ages: How Cars Have Changed History

Cars are the inventive legacies of several innovators around the world. Unless you are in an area with great public transportation, automobile technology probably has a direct impact on your lifestyle.

Windshield Replacement: How To Reduce The Cost Of Replacement

Depending on your vehicle and the windshield you want to install, the cost of replacing a windshield can go up to $1000. The good thing is that there are a number of ways in which you can reduce the cost of replacing the windshield: Negotiate the price Just like when buying any other goods and services, you should negotiate the cost of replacement. If you don’t have a large budget, you should not be afraid of asking for a lower price. The good thing is that many companies don’t operate on a fixed price; therefore, they will easily lower the cost for you.

How Do I Know If My Catalytic Converter Has Failed?

A catalytic convertor is that part of the car that converts the gases into non-foul ones. The process involves the functioning of the convertor in the best possible way, to reduce stress on the car and the environment.

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