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An Overview of Electric Cars’ Benefits and Efficiency

Electric Cars are by far the cars of the future. The electric car has gained popularity amongst individuals of different calibres, as people are more interested in fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. For this reason, car manufacturers have shifted their creations to Electric Cars. It comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

How to Handle the Race Suspension Tuning of Your Vehicle

Intelligent handling of a car is extremely important to ensure its good functioning over a long period of time. Generally, there are two important factors in the handling of a vehicle over-steer and under-steer. In over-steer, tires installed in the rear of the vehicle lose friction first rather than the front tires. In such cases, the rear of the car is considered loose. In such instances the vehicle slips to the other side while turning. There is also difficulty in handling the vehicle when it is close to the extremity of control. Under-steer is the other major denominator. This phenomenon is also known as tight or push. In this case the front wheels of the vehicle come first in terms of losing friction in comparison to the rear wheels. In this situation it is difficult to turn the vehicle while driving.

What Are Autonomous Cars?

Also known as self driving cars or driverless cars, the autonomous cars are vehicles that are designed in such a way so that they can drive themselves without the need of a human input. The way they do that is by sensing the environment and choosing the right path towards a designated destination.

A Brief Synopsis of Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are used throughout the world in vehicles (both two wheelers and four wheelers) and airplanes. These are mechanical devices which convert shocks in to kinetic energy. Either the energy produced is absorbed or it is thrown away. They play an important role in auto suspension. Their major objective is to allow the vehicle to travel smoothly on rough and bumpy surfaces.

Can You Buy a Car Without a Driver’s License?

It is legal to buy a car without a driver’s license. But, lenders will give you a hard-time in approving your auto loan application.

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