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Why Does Your Auto Dealership Need an Optimized Mobile Website?

With the increase in number of smartphones users, searching/browsing the Internet for auto related queries is emerging as a popular activity. According to an automobile mobile website study conducted by J.D.Power and Associates, 31% of customers browsed mobile automotive websites using their mobile phones in 2012, compared to 24% in 2011 and 17% in 2010. There is, thus, a rapid growth of smartphone users browsing automotive websites using their mobile phones. Therefore, it is worthwhile for auto dealers to optimize a mobile website for their businesses.

Buying Used Cars: How to Get the Best Deals in Town

Buying used cars, like everything else, comes with its own set of pros and cons. So, how do you make sure that you get the best value for your money? To protect your investment and to save you from all the headaches that come along with buying used cars, here are some suggestions that may just come in handy.

The New Chevy Corvette C7R Concept With New Aerodynamics and Forged Wheels

Chevrolet has participated in racing for most of its history around the world. One of its biggest stars was the Corvette and the new C7R Concept model has popped up with new aerodynamics, forged wheels, a modified suspension, and race-prepped interior.

Top 10 Things to Have in Your Car When It Quits

Break downs happen at the most inconvenient times. Chances are, you’ve experienced one or several in the past few years. According to car-accidents.com, which gathers most of its resources through the National Automobile Dealers Assoc. (NADA) and the Dept. of Motor Vehicle (DMV), an average of 6,400,000 vehicles break down on America’s roads each year. Keeping yourself, your family, and your friends and fellow commuters safe and healthy during an emergency is always a good goal to have. The following outlines a list of simple tools to keep in your vehicle in the event of a break down.

Are You A Professional Or A Lot Lizard?

These lizards are a curious species in how they tend to look for prey. The professional is a different breed. The professional tends to not wait on much or for long. The professional has goals, a work plan and is too busy taking action to join the lizards for long, if any at all.

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