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Finding Trustworthy and Reliable Car Dealers to Fit Your Specific Needs

Before you start negotiating with car dealers, you must first find out which is the best to work with. By taking a few precautions, you can determine which one has the most notable reputation for giving customers the best deals.

Three Tips for Finding Used Cars For Sale – What To Know Before You Buy

It can be tricky to find the right used cars for sale that will suit your needs and budget. But good deals are everywhere if you know where to look and what to look for in your next vehicle.

5 Actions to Help Determine the Condition of Used Cars

When looking for used cars, be sure to do your research to determine the car’s condition. You don’t want to wind up with a lemon!

COSTAR Vehicle Dealers – Helping Municipalities Achieve Their Transportation Goals

Local government is more budget-conscious today than ever before. Teachers, firemen, police, garbage collectors – many of the public service branches of local and state government are feeling the pain of limited budgets. One way municipalities are cutting corners for positions and branches who need cars, trucks, or vans is by using the COSTAR program, where available.

The Life of a Tire: 5 Tips on How to Make Yours Last Longer

Tires are integral to every car. These five tips are easy for all ages and levels of mechanical knowledge.

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