Nissan Magnite accessories

Choosing the Right Car Insurance for You

If you drive your own car, you need to have some form of car insurance. Your auto insurance is a collection of different policies, which cover you in different ways.

Celebrity Cars

What exactly is a celebrity car? It’s just like your car, except a celebrity is at the wheel (or in the back seat). Who cares? Well, auctioneers such as Barrett Jackson do. It seems that celebrity cars can bring premiums ranging from $10K to $50K over market price.

My Friend’s Smart Car

I know an engineer living in Southern California interested in the science of smart living. I have to admit that I love his Smart Car. He owns a 2008 Model Fortwo, and he gets fantastic mileage out of it.

Guarantee The Success Of Your Car Dealing Business With The Help Of Professional Exporters

Propped up by the popularity of movies like The Fast and The Furious series and video games like Gran Turismo and the Need For Speed series, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) culture has swept into the imagination of car enthusiasts from the four corners of the globe. While the United States and the United Kingdom are known for having a vibrant and thriving JDM culture, in Africa, Kenya has emerged as one of the region’s centres for this car culture. With the growing number of car enthusiasts who want to import a vehicle from Japan to Kenya, the national…

Why Used Cars Might Be Better Than New Ones

If you are struggling with whether used cars or new are the better option, then you will want to look at the pros and cons. There are pros and cons for both types of vehicle.

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