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How Running on Low Fuel Affects the Electric Fuel Pump of Your Car

The electric fuel pump is one of the most critical components of your car. All modern cars are fitted with electric fuel pumps. The fuel pump generally is located inside the tank. To avoid burning and wearing, it is submerged in fuel. It uses electric power to deliver fuel (at high pressure) to the engine from the tank.

Tips to Clean Your Vehicle’s Fuel Tank on Your Own

Fuel tank is an important part of a vehicle’s fuel delivery system (FDS). It stores the fuel and provides the engine with the fuel when operating. Clean fuel tank is important for optimal performance of the fuel delivery system and the engine. So, it should be kept clean by removing contaminants and rust.

DIY Tips to Clean Electric Fuel Pump Filter

Fuel pump filter is a small, yet one of the critical, components of a fuel pump. The purpose of having a fuel pump filter in a vehicle is to stop impurities from reaching the car’s engine. If the fuel filter is dirty and clogged, the engine will have starting problems and the engine stops intermittently while running. So, it is important to keep the fuel pump filter clean.

Innovative Seatbelt Technologies Which Save Lives

Car manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the safety of the vehicles which they produce. They invest millions of dollars in the development of seatbelt technologies, which lower the risk of injury and death in case of an accident even further. These technologies are becoming ever more advanced. Take a closer look at some of the latest inventions.

Improving Your Road Safety With Proper Seatbelt Replacement

It has been estimated that the wearing of car seatbelts lowers the risk of an injury during a road accident by as much as 50%. This is just one figure which shows how important these car safety features are. At the same time, they are prone to natural wear and tear and to damage just like all other vehicle parts. That is why you need to know when and how to replace them.

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