Nippon android stereo with apple car play and android auto

The Carbon Fiber Revolution

Carbon fiber or carbon fibre is used almost everywhere today, Its use is no longer confined to the large manufacturers. This unique composite can be found in our cars, our accessories, and even in our phones. The use for this strong and light weight material is almost endless.

The Manufacturing Process of Carbon Fiber

Almost everyone has seen or heard of carbon fiber. However, very few have any idea of how this special composite is made. It is a rather complicated process which would explain why the price for carbon fiber made products is so high.

What Is A Sprinter Van?

Sprinter vans have a higher profile and more spacious interior than most other types of cargo and passenger vans, which makes them perfect for a vast array of commercial uses in a wide variety of industries. The Sprinter van was introduced by Mercedes-Benz in Europe in 1995, and has been available in the United States under the Freightliner brand since 2001. Sprinters were also available under the Dodge brand in 2003, but Dodge has since stopped manufacturing Sprinters. Designed primarily for commercial, not personal, use, the Sprinter van has received a lot of attention on the commercial van scene, proving to be more economical and roomier than other cargo vans. If you have been wondering just what is a Sprinter van, below is some useful information about Sprinter vans and their commercial uses.

How to Market Your Car Parts Business

No doubt about it, the economy ain’t what it used to be. Everyone has to scramble to stay in business, including entrepreneurs who run their own aftermarket car parts firms. This translates into well-conceived marketing plans and extra promotion to get your name into the marketplace. Creativity is key.

The Automobile of the People

An automobile can be considered anything from a basic need to a luxury statement. From the first ever automobile in 1886 to the SUVs of now, it has been a wonderful unfolding of design and horsepower. The automobile means something personal to each of us.

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