Nippon 9 pro with T link in Mahindra Xuv 300

Mall Parking – Circulating Cars Are Not Shoppers, They’re People Circulating in Cars!

100% parking performance is difficult to achieve. To demonstrate this, picture a row of car parks. Each space has a car in it.

Car Park Signs: Location

The underlying principles of signage are the same, to communicate the price, features, value and benefits of a product in order to close a sale, to offer some direction or for safety purposes. Signage can boost revenues and some can put a dampener on revenues if it is not done well. It has to match the message the business gives off to get the sale and it has to be visible.

Parking Operations Design, A Lesson

I had an interesting email conversation with a General Manager of a major parking equipment provider the other day. It started out as a discussion on the article about supply and demand economics and how to get to 100% occupancy. The discussion ended up with a summary of how I see the purpose of parking and how the purpose of parking serves the city.

Hospital Parking Is Not A DIY Project

As knowledge, technology and innovation push forward, hospitals will require a parking professional, who will be the only ones who understand how to dovetail parking knowledge into the increasingly busy hospital sites. Marrying up the complexities of a hospital site with the complexities of modern parking methodologies and technologies mean the solution will not be a DIY project but a full spec solution left to professionals.

How To Get 100% Occupancy – The Parking World’s El Dorado

Is 100% occupancy possible? You bet it is, but only if there are no people involved! Imagine driving past a car park building and seeing a variable message sign that states, ‘$1 = 60 mins’.

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