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From Used Car Dealers to the Open Road

Whether you get your vehicles from used car dealers or from individual sellers, there are simple ways to make your vehicle last longer. Read more about ways to lengthen your vehicle’s lifespan.

Four Critical Guidelines For Interacting With Car Dealers

Shopping for your next ride doesn’t need to be stressful or nerve-racking. Handle car dealers with confidence using these vital pointers.

How to Become a Hypermiler?

Hypermiling is a lifestyle to those who crazily save fuel while driving and they are usually called hypermilers. To be a hypermiler, you need to master a number of driving techniques. And now I would like to tell you about it.

4 Common Problems With Automatic Car Door Locks

Do you have an automatic door lock in your car? While the doors are very convenient to use, they tend to develop a number of problems. The most common problems that they have include: Insufficient Voltage If one of your door locks is malfunctioning while the other is working well, chances are that your door has insufficient voltage.

Vehicle Testing and Inspection

All vehicles, domestic or commercial are mandated by regulations to undergo fitness testing to ensure that they conform to them; in some countries, it is a legal requirement every six months and fitness certificates are renewed after every testing. The categories of vehicles that require testing are: • Passenger service vehicles – cabs or taxis, buses and shuttle services • Rental vehicles – buses, cars, vans • Heavy vehicles – trucks, trailers, caravan homes etc. Keeping a vehicle fit under all conditions is essential for renewal of fitness certificates without delays or…

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