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Safe Driving Tips for the Winter Months

When rain, snow, and temperatures start to fall through the winter season, keeping safe on the road can become much more challenging. Staying firmly planted on the road and avoiding accidents takes extra care and a more cautious approach that acknowledges the potential dangers created by the wet and cold conditions.

Traditional SUVs Vs Crossovers: What Are The Key Differences?

While traditional SUVs and crossover vehicles share many of the same design cues, the platforms they are each built on and the capabilities they provide contain some significant and important differences. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Super Cars Are Here To Stay

Henry Ford is credited with mass producing automobiles with the intention of cheap vehicles, produced quickly, and built to last perhaps a few years. They would then be hauled off to a junk yard and replaced by another low cost vehicle.

Five Reasons An SUV Is A Great Vehicle For Your Teen Driver

Teenage drivers can be at risk when on the road, but when they drive an SUV it can minimise the dangers of a collision or injuries. If you’re looking for a safe, secure car for your teen, there are five great reasons to choose an SUV.

Qualities of a Good Mobile Website for Automotive Dealerships

People are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to research online before buying a product. They are using mobile phones to compare (prices and features of products) and buy. When it comes to purchasing vehicles, which generally are big ticket items, customers tend to do more research before they buy one. This trend is necessitating the need of a good mobile website for auto dealerships. A good mobile website should have certain qualities; some of them are mentioned below.

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