5 Funniest Reasons People Have Failed Their Driving Test

People fail their driving test for all sorts of reasons, normally for something like not looking in their mirrors correctly or failing to do a manoeuvre (especially parallel parking). However, perhaps due to stress and nerves, people have done very strange things to get those dreaded major errors on their driving lesson. This article has found ten of the funniest driving lesson stories from across the internet, which should show you a few things you really shouldn’t do when it comes to test day.

The Best Sports Cars of 2015

What’s the classic definition of a sports car? It’s usually a two-seat vehicle, though some have back seats, designed for nimble handling and spirited performance. Aside from exceptional speed, it offers a more powerful engine and more horsepower.

Tata Buses Offer Supreme Levels of Comfort and Convenience

Touted as the most dependable partner on Indian roads, the Tata bus is ideal for all varieties of travel. The Tata Group offers a host of buses to cater to all types of applications, such as, suburban travel, school transport, staff carriage, and intra city journeys.

2015 Ferrari Sergio – Excitement For the Very Few

Lately Ferrari has been into creating one off completely custom cars for its best customers. The new ultra exclusive Sergio continues that for a very lucky few.

Top 3 Stylish Crossover Utility Vehicles That Deliver Exceptional Performance

Launched in the market in the 1990s, crossover utility vehicles provide the appealing qualities of a sports utility vehicle as well as a passenger car. Often revered as family cars, these vehicles have replaced the mini vans. Listed below are the top 3 cars in this segment.

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