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10 Signs That Your Brakes Might Kill You

Failing to spot faulty brakes can have disastrous consequences. Here are some tips about what to look out for.

Lexus IS F-Sport LED Fog Lights

The Lexus F-Sport performance is a highly renowned subcategory of the luxury brand. With the added aggressive trim and styling, many people choose to upgrade to this trim.

The Hardest Driving Tests in the World

In the UK, there has always been a constant discussion about the difficulty of obtaining your full driving license. Some will declare that anyone can pass and was much harder ‘back in my day’, while others will shout from the rooftops that it must be the hardest driving examination in the world, and it is a wonder anyone can pass at all. However, while the UK is high on the list in terms of difficulty, there are many more treacherous tests around the world that are designed to push the capabilities of prospective drivers to the limit.

Are Personalised Number Plates Fashionable?

This article is intended to provide valuable insight on personalised number plates. It highlights the ways in which a personalised number can be used to express your personality or to advertise your business through the displaying of a unique registration mark to your vehicle. It provides some advice on what to take into consideration when looking to secure a personalised number plate.

Four Tips for Visiting Car Dealers

It’s easy to get overwhelmed from everything going on at a car dealership. With these tips, you’ll be prepared, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

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