CRETA 2020 base model converted to top model

Tips for Negotiating With Car Dealers

Negotiating with car dealers for a fair price can be tricky. Use these tips to avoid getting a bad deal.

Five Reasons To Buy Used Cars Now

Trying to decide between new and used cars? Here are five good reasons you should go with the latter.

Donating Used Cars Is Not As Straightforward As It Used To Be

You probably see ads all the time that say that you can get a large tax break by donating your used cars to charity. However, in recent times, laws have been made to prevent people from exaggerating the worth of the donated vehicle at tax time.

Buyer’s Checklist for Inspecting Used Cars

Before purchasing used cars, it’s essential to perform thorough inspections to ensure that the vehicles are in good working condition, inside and out. Follow this simple checklist for inspecting used vehicles.

A Ground-Breaking Industry – The Progression of Five Wheels And A Throne

Vehicles have been a staple in our country for decades. Let’s reflect on how the industry started and how far it’s come to date.

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