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Petrol Vs Diesel Engines – Which Is Better and Why? Part II

It is a known fact that diesel’s best selling point is its efficiency. And while petrol hybrid cars are very efficient, they still can’t match the fuel economy of diesel hybrids. Global warming, rising sea levels, erratic rainfall patterns and increased pollution are some of the factors that have led to a shift by car manufacturers to produce smaller engines and in effect, turbochargers, which vary in size and operation, have been employed to give diesel engines the speed of their petrol counterparts while retaining their superb efficiency. While many will sneer at the thought of diesel, European car manufacturers have proven that diesel-powered cars can be faster, quieter and cleaner than petrol-powered ones, and that is why half of the new cars from Europe are running on diesel. With a combined portfolio of fuel efficiency, power and affordability, is it true to say that diesel has beaten petrol? I would say yes

Petrol Vs Diesel Engines – Which Is Better and Why? Part I

After covering an article on the volatility of petrol and how fuelling at different times of the day might cause you to receive less value for your money, I would like to clarify that the same does not happen to diesel because it is heavier and less volatile. Also, while petrol burns easily and thus produces more power and faster propulsion, diesel burns slower – actually it does not even burn at all. Since diesel is heavier, more cumbersome to deal with and involves lots of pressure and tension, the engine running on it must be made of tough components to withstand these forces and the abuse that comes with neglect and poor servicing. A petrol engine on the other hand is cleaner, requires less regular maintenance and experiences less tension. Is it therefore generally pervasive to say that petrol engines are better than diesel engines?

Top 5 Ways to Prepare to Shop for a Used Vehicle at Car Dealerships

Creating a budget, understanding your credit score, and knowing whether you’ll qualify for financing are important parts of preparing to shop for a vehicle among car dealerships. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for price drops and read reviews before visiting a car lot.

4 Things You Must Do When Buying a Used Car

Buying a new or used vehicle can be a stressful experience; after all, we are all worried about getting a bad deal or worse – a car that breaks down terminally just after the mandatory warranty of a few months expires. It is possible, however, to arm oneself with information that will make the process go a great deal more smoothly.

How Far Should I Travel to Buy a Used Car?

Searching for a new vehicle to replace your old one is both a fun and stressful experience at times; not only is it necessary to search through hundreds of advertisements to find a car that fits all your criteria, but it is also important to make sure that you are getting a good deal price-wise from a reputable and trustworthy dealer. Another factor to take into account is how far you live away from the dealership or private seller, as this can make a huge difference in terms of time and money spend on the whole endeavor. So just…

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