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Driverless Cars – How About Autonomous Garbage Trucks, Mail Jeeps, and Military Convoys First?

The work being done right now with autonomous cars is absolutely awesome, and I’d say it is about time too as it will save lives, improve efficiency, and help eliminate costs. Indeed, I’d like to take a few moments of your time to discuss some applications which might bring this technology to fruition faster, and allow citizens to watch its value as they come to accept it.

3 Crucial Things to Consider Before Buying Car Covers

Most car owners would ask themselves and others, preferably car experts this question: when is the right time to buy car covers? There are times when it may seem that owning a car cover can be superfluous considering one has a garage that can protect his car from any harm outside of it. Others find it unnecessary to get a cover for their car’s protection when they know there won’t be any scratches on it considering they drive it everywhere and park it just about anywhere they think it will be safe in anyway. Yet that question presented earlier remains unanswered.

Volvo’s Active High Beam Control Technology Unveiled

Ever since Volvo first started way back in 1958, the word “Safety” and the name “Volvo” have been regarded as synonymous in the automotive world beginning with what is called today, the seat belt, but was known then as the three-point belt. Within ten years, Volvo had developed the first child car seat that was rear facing, in the world. By 1998, Volvo was the one who first installed head airbag and the whiplash protection system that was designed to help keep passengers from the after accident effect of whiplash. All these things plus many more have kept Volvo’s vehicles regularly appearing on many “Safe Car” list.

Obligatory Abilities For Effective Fleet Management

Fleet management software can take off the brunt of fleet management but it still requires human assistance to putt off an effective operation. This article mentions the attributes of a great fleet manager and the tasks he or she should deal with on a daily basis.

Precautions to Take While Replacing an Electric Fuel Pump

The fuel pump, the heart of a vehicle’s fuel delivery system, is a crucial component that enables proper functioning of a vehicle’s engine. A faulty fuel pump not only starves the engine of fuel but also damages various components of the fuel delivery system. Identifying and replacing as soon as it gets damaged is thus very essential.

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