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The Coolest Car Features

Just about everyone requires a car to get to all the places they need to go. And, while you certainly can have a vehicle that simply meets your basic needs, more and more people are opting for special, unique features in their vehicles.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe From Theft

Car theft is a major problem in the United States. No one is completely safe from having this happen and, even if you have the best insurance policy in the world, losing your car or any of its contents can be emotionally devastating.

Shouldn’t An Ultimate Driving Machine Have Redundant Air Bag Safety Features?

We are still killing far too many people on our highways and freeways here the United States. The latest issue has been those who do text messaging while driving, and inadvertently veer off the road only to hit a pedestrian, bicyclist, or God forbid something solid like a palm tree. And don’t laugh, having lived in Palm Desert California, the roadway is lined with palm trees, and if you were to veer off the road, the chances of hitting one would be greater than not crashing into one.

World Car of the Year Awards – Cars That Have Won Since 2006

Affordability, practicality and suitability have always guided the rational car buyer, but those with a sixth sense will look much deeper, considering awards won and sales volumes. For example, Volkswagen Golf has performed very well, having won this award in 2009 as well as being in second place in 1975 and 1998 for the European Car of the Year award. It was in third place for the same award in 1984, 2004 and 2009, not forgetting it was the winner back in 1992. Another great performer is the Opel Astra with regard to European Car of the Year awards. It was the award winner in 1985 and came up second in 1992 and 1999, while in 2010 it finished in third position. This therefore gives guaranteed assurance about such cars and others with similar achievements, such as Lexus for reliability and BMW for engine superiority. Credit is given where it’s due, and on this list you will certainly find it.

My Carwash Location Is Not Your Personal Dump You Malcontent

In some industries, it’s hard to have faith in humanity for very long. I would consider the carwash industry just such a sector of our economy. It seems as if there are some employees that wish to steal the cash, or try to lift items out of someone’s car. Then there are the customers who come up with some song and dance to get a discount, or claim that something is missing or damaged when it isn’t or hasn’t been.

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