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Are Throttle Body Spacers Useful?

The performance parts are used to enhance the performance of any type of vehicle, and in most cases this is done to boost the engine power and speed. Throttle body spacers are a type of performance parts that are used to alter the flow of air into the intake manifold. In this article, we will discuss how useful these throttle body spacers are for your vehicle.

Volvo’s Cyclist Detection System: Making The Road Safer for Biking

After reviewing traffic statistics that show that nearly 50 percent of all cyclist deaths in Europe were caused by collisions with cars, Volvo decided to take action. They’ve further upheld their reputation for innovative safety features by introducing a cyclist detection system.

When You Shop for Used Cars, Pay Attention to All of the Details

If you want to get a great vehicle without committing to paying a note for the next few years, you should consider buying used cars. You can get a great quality vehicle for a very reasonable price.

Learn the Features You Get With the Mazda3 Grand Touring

If you want a fully-stocked car, you should take a look at the Mazda3 Grand Touring. Here are some of the options that come with it.

Private and Commercial Marine Hardware

If you are interested in boating, then knowing how to sail is only the start. As well as this, you have to be an electrician, a handyman and an engineer. Boating is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting involved with fixing, adjusting and developing your boat to its’ optimum potential.

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