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Auto Sales Growth in 2013 – What Is Expected

2012 proved to be a strong year for auto sales, but should we expect the same for 2013? There has been a slow, but steadily increasing demand for cars since the 2008 recession. The automotive marketing and data company, Polk, projects over 15 million new vehicle registrations in the new year.

2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry: An Ideal Family Car

Who is the 2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry for? Well, the hybrid Camry is perfect for those who are on the lookout for a high quality family sedan which provides superior safety and excellent fuel economy. Get to know more about its features by reading this article.

Are Graphic Warnings for Cars the Way Forward?

Japanese Engineers are said to be putting their efforts into developing talking devices, that remind you of how dangerous the roads are by explaining that you may die if you crash at the speed you are going. Morbid? Or Clever?

Tips on Buying a Body Kit

A body kit contains a number of parts for customizing the outward appearance of any vehicle like a truck or car. Typically the body kits could include parts like bumpers, spoilers for the rear and front sides of any vehicle along with several parts for other sides and roof of your car or truck.

Lexus Unveils New Safety Car

Toyota topped the list of car manufacturers with the most recalled cars. Toyota is followed by Honda, General Motors, and then Ford.

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